How It Works

From document to insights, Sidney makes it easy for you to free up data from documents, automate your system data input and provides you insights that matter. 

Upload your documents

Add your documents to a folder, email, or upload directly to our platform. The documents are the ones you like to extract data from, automate and gain insights. e.g. Invoices, Purchase orders, HR forms etc.

AI-OCR by the platform

Auto OCR of your document with Sidney’s custom AI models. The required data is extracted from the documents into a structured format for automation and insights.

scan invoice to excel

Output validation

The AI-OCR output is first validated by RPA bots for accuracy. Based on the confidence level, the documents are also verified by people to ensure accuracy. 

Automated system updates

The extracted data is used to seamlessly update your ERP, CRM, Home grown systems etc. This is carried out by pre-configured RPA bots for your specific systems. 

Analytic Insight

Sidney combines the data from your documents, systems, and external benchmarks to give you valuable insights into your business.